Enjoy an authentic Moldavian ciorba bors style at home !

la ciorba facon bors de moldavie et de Transylvanie

If you pass through Romanian Moldova, you will most likely hear about borĹź (borscht).

In my wife’s family, borĹź has 2 meanings. It is both a sour juice made from wheat bran or rye, but in the Moldovan region the term borĹź is also used to refer to the soup (ciorba) made with this juice.

This soup is said to have similarities to a type of Ukrainian soup, popular in the states of Central and Eastern Europe. Its particuliarity is its sour taste, given to the broth by adding a greater or lesser quantity of borĹź in the soup.

BorĹź is very popular in northern Transylvania, especially in the winter.

We will deliver here the recipe that has been passed down in the family for several generations.


For 6 persons
Preparation time about 80min

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  • – A chicken
    – Vermicelli
    – 4 liter of water approximately
    – 1 liter of borscht
    – 1 parsnip
    – 1 onion
    – 1 small celery root
    – 1 carrot
    – Aromatic herbs (parsley, “leustean” mountain celery)


For this Moldovan borĹź, it is advisable to use the best chicken meat, so that the resulting aroma is as tasty as possible. As for the vermicelli, it is recommended to use the finest possible.

Wash and clean the meat thoroughly and boil it in salted water. Be sure to remove the foam often during cooking. You will notice that the chicken is cooked when the flesh easily comes off the bones. During this time, you can prepare the vegetables – peel them and cut them into small cubes.

When the meat is well cooked, you can take it out of the pan and put it in a large dish to remove its bones. In the broth left in the pan, add the chopped vegetables (onion, carrot, celery and parsnip) and let it boil. Once the vegetables are cooked, the next step is to add the meat cut into small pieces and cook it for a few more minutes. Add the borş to the preparation. Now you can cook your vermicelli in a separate pan. Once cooked, put them in the pot of meat and vegetables.

Finally, sprinkle the chopped fresh herbs over the soup.

Enjoy your meal! Pofta Buna!

Tips to consider

Carrots and celery take longer to cook, so they should be added before other vegetables – the fresh aromatic herbs are put at the end when the vegetables are cooked – it is very important to skim the soup well at the start of cooking!

Vidéo of a recipe seen on the net
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