Romanian blouse - Fair trade

Romanian blouse - Fair trade

A traditional Romanian blouse for every occasion

The International Day of the Romanian Blouse, a traditional Romanian garment that is one of the country’s masterpieces, is celebrated on June 24. The details of the embroidered floral motifs have a very precise meaning which embellishes the blouse even more. Traditionally, these clothes expressed the age, social status and region of origin of the women who wore them.

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Duller colors and understated designs were worn by married and older women, while bright colors were worn by young girls to attract the attention of potential suitors. The women wore their most beautiful blouses according to festive occasions and wore the most sober ones for everyday life.
Nowadays, these hand-woven and embroidered blouses have crossed the ages and borders thanks to the elegance and chic they bring. This ethnic garment inspires designers thanks to the finesse and precision of the embroidery.

An authentic traditional dress of great elegance

The Romanian blouse, the unique Romanian traditional garment that is made by hand, is a product of excellent quality. You can discover with Central Transylvania a variety of models with floral motifs, large or small flowers embroidered with the greatest care. Models for women and men are available on the online store, also find the children’s dress inspired by the traditional blouse.
Find all the authenticity and beauty of the country through the original product. Depending on your desires, select the long-sleeved or short-sleeved model and take advantage of this light garment to wear in summer and winter alike. The blouses have cords with pompoms, at the collar or also at the end of the sleeves.
Discover the art of making the Romanian blouse, the traditional Romanian garment through the models offered by Central Transylvania.

  • Made in a company working according to fair trade principles from the Romanian region of Pitesti.
  • Delivered in Romania and worldwide.
  • Contact us and give us your personal measurements, we will deliver your own personalized products.

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