Arts and craft Romania

Arts and craft Romania

Handmade products from Romania and Transylvania

With its cultural heritage, Romania produces many handicrafts such as Romanian blouse, ceramics, wooden objects, sculpture, painting, traditional and seasonal objects.

Different cultural products:

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Horezu ceramics

Horezu ceramics are among the best-known handicrafts in Romania. Indeed, this ceramic is inscribed on the list of intangible cultural heritage of humanity by UNESCO. You will discover on our site, very colorful ceramics typical of Horezu.

Romanian blouses

The traditional Romanian blouse is woven by hand, it comes from a very old tradition and is worn mainly by women. It is celebrated on June 24 because it is one of the country’s masterpieces. Traditionally, these clothes expressed the age, social status and region of origin of the women who wore it.


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