Romanian beer

Romanian beer

The essential Romanian beer, blond, thirst-quenching and light

If you are looking for a Romanian beer, select from the various brands offered on the Central Transylvania online store. Much loved, this beverage is preferred for the diversity of local produce, as well as the unparalleled flavors of craft beer. Discover blond beer in a new light with products from Romania. These are characterized by a light color and are also differentiated by the manufacturing process, the type of brewing and fermentation.

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For each blond beer, whether industrial or artisanal, you will be able to appreciate the many brands available on the online storefront. For example, Ciucas offers a blond beer with a slightly bitter flavor, a rather dry and clean malty body, which helps to quench your thirst. Its bitterness leaves fruity and floral taste notes in the mouth and its blond color, all for a pleasant experience.

Craft beer, to be enjoyed for pleasure

Romanian beer from home-made is better in taste, because the selection of ingredients is done with more care and are often rarer. In addition, the beer is made with a method used to make this hoppy beverage more pleasant and intense in the mouth. Consumers of craft beers will be able to taste this product from various producers and taste the different flavors.

Another reason to consume this product is that a craft brewery creates jobs. In addition, they offer transparency on the ingredients used to make the beer. The Central Transylvania online store facilitates access to these products and makes available these beers made with Romanian know-how.
Find all the culture of the country in the flavors and aromas of Romanian beer and select one or more bottles to discover and find your favorite.


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