Traditional products from Transylvania

Traditional products from Transylvania

The preparation of a Romanian culinary specialty with quality products

Would you like to discover the traditional cuisine of Romania? Central Transylvania offers a wide selection of ingredients to allow you to concoct the right dishes full of flavors and tastes. A Romanian culinary specialty requires the essential elements in order to follow the different stages of preparation.

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You will be able to find on the online store a variety of products corresponding to your needs for the chosen recipe. For example, sarmale is a traditional dish that is part of the basis of Romanian cuisine. For the preparation of this dish, you will find cabbage leaves or vine leaves in brine, as well as condiments. These products are prepared to facilitate preparation and will add flavor to the dish. The latter is traditionally accompanied by pork meat that you can find in the category of fresh products.

Traditional dishes with tasty and adequate products

Central Transylvania invites you to discover its products for the preparation of a Romanian culinary specialty. Find the zacusca, a caviar of cooked vegetables finely chopped by hand, delicious and generous in taste. This dish consists of a mixture of eggplant, tomatoes, onions, red peppers, adding the necessary spices and condiments.
The online store offers these vegetables in jars, to preserve the freshness and flavor of the products. They are prepared and ready to use to facilitate the concoction and will be a considerable time saver while enjoying the original taste of the vegetables. Also discover recipes with mushrooms or beans to vary the pleasures.
You can also find the ingredients and condiments for the preparation of one of the most popular dishes in Romania, which is mici or mititei, grilled meat which is generally eaten on the terrace during sunny days.
Make the Romanian culinary specialty of your choice using traditional and quality products at Central Transylvania.


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