A zacusca spread, ideal as an aperitif

Central Transylvania offers a variety of products from Romania. You can discover Romanian culinary specialties, such as zacusca, on the online showcase. This word of Slavic origin meaning snack or appetizer is a dish prepared from cooked fresh vegetables.

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The classic recipe contains red pepper and grilled eggplant, however it can be declined in many variations. You will be able to discover this product presented in a jar in which the addition of other vegetables such as zucchini, dried beans or even mushrooms bring new flavors that are very popular with consumers, depending on their preferences. This preparation is eaten on a slice of bread, ideal as an aperitif accompanied by a good wine. It will also be perfect as a quick and hearty snack thanks to its generous texture.

A traditional Romanian specialty with fresh vegetables

After the vegetables are harvested in the fall, some families prepare the zacusca and store it in sterilized jars for the winter, according to Romanian tradition. Central Transylvania then offers this culinary specialty concocted by hand, according to a unique recipe.

Find a traditional recipe made by hand, slow cooked on a wood stove with the eggplant Zacusca cooked over a wood fire from Mica Ilinca. The preparation contains eggplant, “gogosari” pepper, onion, cold-pressed sunflower oil, tomato puree, salt, pepper and bay leaves. This beautiful combination of ingredients makes this traditional recipe a tasty dish. Everything is without preservatives, additives, artificial ingredients or added sugar.

Experiment with different varieties of this recipe with oyster mushroom or spicy zacusca. Find all the products available on the online showcase of Central Transylvania for the discovery of Romanian culinary specialties.


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