Romanian Martisor of March 1st

Romanian Martisor of March 1st

Romanian Martisor 1st March

This is a white-red bracelet. The Romanian Martisor of 1st March are part of a Romanian custom that takes place on March 1 every year. These are brooches (or sometimes bracelets) that are attached to clothes on March 1 to all your family and friends wishing them luck and good health.

Materials: interwoven red and white threads, with a medal

Red symbol of winter. White symbol of Spring.

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In the first days of Spring, the earth opens up to the sun. She leaves behind her coat of wind, rain and cold to dress in embroidery. Thus it gives way to the traditional feast of the Martisor.
What is a Martisor? It is a kind of talisman that is pinned to the chest, usually worn for eight days, and made of a red thread and a white thread braided together.

While in the villages of Transylvania, the romanian martisor of 1st march is hung in different places to ward off evil spirits, a Romanian custom is that girls and women receive on this day by men, a lot of “màrtisor” who are the symbol of spring. . This will be kept throughout the month of March.

Spring is fast approaching, the trees are budding, it’s time to offer the martisors. There is something for all tastes: brooches, bracelets, clubs, horseshoes or hearts. We offer you a wide choice, guaranteeing happiness and success.


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