Cabbage in brine

Cabbage in brine

Fermented cabbage leaves for the preparation of the Romanian national dish

Central Transylvania offers a variety of products from Romania. You will be able to discover a selection of foods that are essential ingredients for the preparation of recipes originating in the country. For example, pickled cabbage is used for the Romanian national dish, sarmale or stuffed cabbage. This dish consists of small pickled cabbage rolls, they are traditionally served with polenta, drizzled with sour cream and you can add vegetables to bring freshness to the plate.

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This recipe is part of Romanian and Transylvanian gastronomy and thanks to the accessibility of this product on the online store, you can now prepare them at home. You can also find recipe ideas to vary the pleasures.
Discover this ingredient produced in Romania and presented in a jar for ideal preservation.

Quality products for tasty sarmale recipes

Visit the online store to discover the different products from Romania to vary your recipes or find your favorite products. We facilitate access to these ingredients prepared traditionally in Romania. Fermented cabbage leaves can be eaten with meat, fish or simply with vegetables depending on the calendar and the regions.
Put flavor on your plates with various possible recipes. In order to make your preparations a success, find the condiment for stuffed cabbage, which includes spices, herbs and flavor enhancers to bring flavor to the mouth.
If this is the first time you have tasted sarmale, you can also find the recipe for canned sarmale, prepared with fermented cabbage leaves. Find this ingredient on the Central Transylvania online storefront and taste these quality Romanian products.


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