Romanian wine

Romanian wine

Culture and tradition in the best Romanian wine in France

If you are looking for the best Romanian wine in France, find a selection of this product available on the store’s online showcase. The Romanian wine sector surprises many with the flavors and aromas created with the different grape varieties.

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Tradition prevails over wine production and there are several wine-growing areas on the country’s maps. Being a state in southeastern Europe, the climate is conducive for growing vines.
The indigenous grape varieties are highly appreciated and the vineyards have real potential. You can discover a part of Romanian culture in each bottle, for example the 2012 Charlotte cuvée from Serve Ceptura is made of three grape varieties: 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 35% Feteasca Neagra and 25% Merlot.

The unique flavors and aromas of Romanian wine

You want to discover Romanian wine or find your favorite bottle on the Central Transylvania online store, select from the country’s wines such as the feteasca alba Terra Romana white wine from the 2018 harvest year.
Feteasca alba is grown in its favorite region, Romania. The continental climate of Transylvania is ideal for it and offers a good level of acidity and freshness. This feteasca alba grape wine is perfect to accompany white meat such as chicken, turkey or light fish cooked with a delicious Romanian recipe. Its fresh and fruity taste with notes of white peach and summer plums will seduce your palate. Also appreciate its fine floral aromas for a complete tasting of this product.
Find the best Romanian wine in France among the selection offered on the Central Transylvania online store.


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