Liquor Romania

Liquor Romania

Liquor from Romania

You will find in this category, several varieties of liqueurs with several different tastes and fruits.
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The ZETEA brand

Zetea is a company producing different alcohols and comes directly from Transylvania. It is one of the best-known alcohol producers in the country for its know-how.

The Tuica

Tuica is a well-known liqueur in Romania and Moldova, made of red fruits such as plums (most often used), cherries, morello cherries or blueberries, but also fruits such as apricots or peaches. It is a strong alcohol (about 50%) which often requires a second distillation to increase its alcohol content.


The Afinata is a liqueur coming straight from the mountains of Romania. It is obtained by the maceration of ripe blueberry fruits, carefully selected with pieces of fruit in each bottle.


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