The fortified church of Hosman
eglise fortifiee hosman

Hosman fortified church, close to Sibiu and Biertan

Approching Hosman, you will see the fortified church’s tower, overwatched by the distant Fagaras mountains.

Hosman eglise evangelique fortifiée

Hosman is a little picturesque village, with a typically Saxon architecture, located about 30 Km from Sibiu (around 45 minutes by car).

It contains a fortified church of XIVth century very well conserved, that is part of Transylvania’s ‘‘road of fortified churches’’.

At the beginning of the XVIth century, the double enclosure was surrounding a Roman church, whose very eloquent stylistic elements place the monument by the end of XIIIth century. Enemies attacks have forced its fortification two centuries later when two rows of defensive walls, towers and bastions were adds. Despite that, the town fell in the hands of Vlad Tepes army which, in 1456, set fire to Hosman. Proof is the stone cannons projectiles inlayed in the enclosure wall.

Hosman eglise fortifiee de transylvanie

The enclosure around the church has been built during the XVth century, during the construction of a double stone wall, with two towers on the external wall and four towers on the interior wall. The gate tower connects the two enclosures and keeps the wooden harrow, above which we can read the 1402 year.

In 1903, when the rubble of 1meter tall that were remaining from the demolition have been removed, the ancient hexagonal bricks paving, often encountered in Transylvania’s ancients Roman basilicas has been discovered.

Hosman fortified church

The church distinguished by the iconographic theme of the whole decoration. From the entrance, the portal’s external, that represented fabulous animals and fantastic characters who have their corresponding in the portal of the church Saint-Etienne de Vienne, that caught our attention. This resemblance is not purely fortuitous ; we say that comrades of Vienne took part in the church‘s construction.


The scenes paints inside the church are inviting us to a real trip in the fantasy’s world, but they give us as well a live lesson : zoomorphic, biblic or fantastic characters, surpernatural being and dramatic scenes attract our attention on the eternal fight between good, evil and mind, between divine and evil.


Your visit to Hosman will be for sure a breath of fresh air compared to the congested towns of Romania.

Hosman is also the occasion to discover craftmen from the network ‘‘Hñrtibaciu cu Drag’’, all the craftmen who make and sell products and typical food of the region.

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hosman hartibaciu cu drag

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Sibiu strada ocnei roumanie romania

Fagaras is located at equal distance to brasov and Sibiu, another fortified town of Transylvania that kept its authenticity, and offers numerous festivals and spectacles in its pedestrian city center throughout the year.
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Transfagarasan road romania roumanie

The Transfagarasan is a mythical road, crossing the North and South Carpathians and then joining the Sibiu and Curtea’s regions of Arges. You have the possibility of sleep and eat at the mountain lake that is around 2000 meters of altitude. The Northern access is make between Fagaras and Sibiu.

Viscri route des eglises fortifiées roumaines

Viscri is one of the most ancient and beautiful Romania’s fortified church. One of the charms of this town is that it is Prince Charles of England adoption village. The village is located at 43km of Fagaras.
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