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Făgăraș castle Romania, Strategic castle in Transilvania

Center of one of the most large Transylvania’s domain, that included 1632 62 villages, the Făgăraș‘s fortress has been one of the most important princely and noble residence in the XVIth century and especially in the XVIIth century.

fagaras chateau transylvanie castel

The town is located halfway between Sibiu and Brasov.
The pink brick fortress of XIVth century is the main attraction of this town.

Wooden builded at the place of a XIth century’s city, it was transformed in a reinforced castle in the XVIIth century, by G Bethen, Transylvania’s prince.

The Făgăraș’s transfer to the Austrian property, in 1696 and the fortress’s transformation in garrison meant the beginning of a surprise deterioration in the 1726’s inventory. Cause of military’s purposes, Făgăraș’s castle and fortress lost bygone days’s elegance anf greatness.

Farasa castle romania

Between 1948-1960, the Făgăraș’s fortress has been transformed in prison for political prisoners, after 1960, it will be dilapidated, and important restauration work will take place, work that considered the restauration of the fortified castle’s appearance of the 17th century’s glory period.

Big and impressive, the Făgăraș’s fortress is considered by Nicolae Iorga as one of the « country’s pearl » waiting peacefully ‘‘in recognition of the audacious past actions

fagaras remparts de la forteresse

The FăgăraƟ’s fortress has been besieged many time – in 1530, 1540, 1541, 1559, 1601, twice in 1658, 1661, 1705, 1849 – without being conquered. A testimony dated of 1661, had brought that the Turkish, after having burned a part of the town, besieged the fortress « that wouldn’t obey ; it shelted many soldiers and inhabitants coming from the surrondings », and the invaders, left by Ali Pacha, withdrawed after 14 sieged‘s days.

musee chateau de fagaras

A part of the fortified ensemble has been recently restored because of UNESCO’s funds, and other projects are in process. At least two town’s entrance, Poarta Ecaterinei (or Katharinentor) and Poarta Schei ( or WaisenhausgĂ€ssertor), still exist.

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Sibiu strada ocnei roumanie romania

Fagaras castle Romania is located at equal distance to Brasov and Sibiu, an other Transylvania’s fortified town that had keep its authenticity, and that give numerous festivals and spectacles in its pedestrian city center throughout the year.

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Transfagarasan road romania roumanie

The Transfagarasan is a mythical road, crossing the South and North’s Carpates and then connecting Sibiu and Curtea’s regions of Arges. You have the possibility of sleeping and eating at the mountain lake close to 2000 meters of altitude. The Northern access is make between Fagaras and Sibiu.

Viscri route des eglises fortifiées roumaines

Viscri is one of the most beautiful and ancient Romania’s fortified church. One of the town’s charm is that it is located in the adoption village of Prince Charles of England. The village is located 43 km from Fagaras.

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