Christmas traditions in Romania: the Colinde
Colinde et colindatori traditions de noel en Roumanie et transylvanie maramures bucovine moldavie traditii de craciun romania

Colinde or Christmas carols are one of Romania’s most popular customs.

Even if fewer and fewer children participate in this joyous custom of announcing the arrival of the holidays and chasing away evil spirits, it is still quite present, especially in the countryside.

Thus, according to tradition, on the morning of Christmas Eve, the first singers criss-cross the village, from house to house, to sing a song called “Buna dimineata” (note “Hello”). In the past, they were rewarded with nuts, apples or covrigi (round crackers) but today they are given sweets and money.

Even today, even in the cities, there are groups of children who go from apartment to apartment to sing. Be careful, it is said that for those who do not want to open them by stinginess, a bad year is announced. In Maramures, adults also accompany children and are welcomed with cozonac, sarmale, pork dishes and wine.

You understood it well, Colinde is an important tradition in Romania.

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