Transylvania Cheeses
romanian cheeses

Today we introduce you to the Romanian gastronomy by showing you some of their Transylvania cheeses!

romanian cheeses

Cow’s, sheep’s, goat’s cheese, pressed or not, matured in the cellar or not, smoked or not, traditional Romanian cheese has many varieties that remain relatively unknown, even to locals.

We will try to introduce you to the main cheeses of Transylvania!


“Telemea” is the name of the national curd. It is usually made from cow’s or sheep’s milk.

Commonly consumed, it is kept in metal cans or wooden casks filled with brine or salted whey. It is left to drain in stamens of which it retains the imprint and broken down into cubic blocks for consumption.

It is sometimes found matured for several months in brine.

The designation of origin of a “telemea” produced in the center north of Romania is a protected designation.

Romanian Maturated Sheep Cheese ''Telemea'' 300gr - DELACO

The Cașcaval

Cașcaval (pronounced cachcaval), is a pressed cheese similar to Emmental. Of Sicilian origin, it spread a long time ago in the Balkans, and became a reference among Romanian cheeses among others.

It is usually made from cow’s or sheep’s milk.

It is sometimes matured for 6 months and takes on a more pronounced taste, much appreciated by cheese lovers.

Cascaval fumé PACHET DE ACASA 350g

Other Transylvania cheeses

There are many other types of cheese in Transylvania, including:

– Caș (pronounced cach), made from milk and rennet. It is rennet then beaten then remodeled into a cheese. Generally from sheep, it is a typical cheese from Transylvania

– Pine bark cheese, very fragrant, and found mainly in the region of Sibiu in Transylvania.

We cannot make an exhaustive list here of the particular cheeses that can be found in each region, if you look carefully!


The company website De la Ferma Cu omenie presents well some of the cheeses that we presented (website in Romanian)

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