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Pierre ANOMA Central Transylvania
Pierre ANOMA Founder and CEO

I discovered Romania and Transylvania between 2008 and 2010, when I moved there for my job, then thanks to many trips across the country.

My knowledge of the Romanian language allowed me to get in touch with people in the most remote areas of the country, and to discover people and traditional, succulent, quality products, and unfortunately little known.

In Transylvania I fell in love with the gastronomic traditions and the succulent dishes that I was able to discover there. I particularly appreciated among the Romanians their permanent search for healthy food, found in nature and in the mountains, sometimes tending towards a cuisine of picking!

I decided to make the gastronomy of Transylvania known to the general public, and at the same time, to discover this culture and these fascinating traditions!

The navigation of the site revolves around four main families of products:

– the traditional ones: Carpathian honey, groceries, vegetable caviar, preserves and pates

– fresh products: these are the smoked meats and cheeses typical of Transylvania

– drinks: alcoholic or non-alcoholic, there is something for everyone

– artisan products: the Romanian Blouse, handmade handicrafts, these products are linked to the Romanian way of life and represent the country throughout the world.

My desire is to highlight small producers from the most beautiful terroirs of Transylvania, and thus allow people to know about quality products prepared with passion!

Have a nice visit of Centraltransylvania.fr everyone!

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