Make your own cold dish at home !

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Recipe of our cold dish

Be won over by the romanian cold dish!

It’s prepared for all occasions in Romania: birthdays, partys, weddings, Easter… All occasions are good for making the ‘Platou Taranesc” This platter is suitable for every one because they are cold meat, cheeses, but also vegetables, which offers a large variety of choices. The choice of products is quite free according to your desires,  but we offer you our recipe for a successfull cold dish!


For 4 persons – Préparation time around 30min

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Provide about 600g of cold meat and 400g of uncut cheese.
– A part of head cheese (Elit) 150 g
– Parizer mini 150g
– Summer sausage (Elit) 150g
– Slightly smoked pork slanina d 150g
– Telemea with sheep’s milk (Acasa bag) 200g
– Telemea with cow’s milk (Acasa bag) 200g
– Gogosari peppers in vinegar (NATURAVIT) 100g
– A tomato
– A cucumber
– Olives 50g
– 1 red onion


First, take a large plate, or at best a wooden board. You can take several dishes for a more convivial and provided effect.

Cut your cold meat and cheese into slices. For the head cheese, cut it roughly into square, for the rest cut tem into small slices.

There is no perfect arrangement, make it according to your tastes and desires, but we suggest you that you place your slices of cold meat at the end of your dish. Alternate the pieces of cheese and cold meat to make a fair presentation most colored.

Once the cold meat and cheese are arranged, you can complete it with with the grilled peppers in vinegar, the vegetables (tomatoe, cucumbers, olives and other ones) . Don’t hesitate to cut your vegetables to have a more uniform finish. And don’t hesitate to have a heavy hand on the vegetables, this add crunch and crispness to your dish.  Once your dish is ready, you can enjoy it with a good bottle of red wine and sliced bread for toast.

Have a good appetite or ‘Pofta Buna’ !!

Find our sélection of ingrédients

Vidéo of a recipe seen on the net
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